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Our gaming devices help functional recovery via intensive repetitive movement exercise.

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The PABLO® system is a modern assessment and therapy device for the rehabilitation of patients with impaired motor functions. The Pablo® system supports upper and lower limb as well as trunk and head applications. It can be used for neurological, orthopedic, paediatric and geriatric patients with deficits in movement and force control, accuracy, aiming, coordination, trunk control and balance. There are four different input devices in the Pablo system - sensors that can be strapped to any body part, a grip sensor, a mulitball for wrist and forearm movements and a multiboard for supported shoulder and elbow movements.

PABLO® provides an interactive movement training with audiovisual feedback, which is motivating. Even small movement or force improvements become visible.

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Small but powerful, the TYMO® system is a versatile measurement and therapy system for the whole body. In addition to the standing position, TYMO® offers a wide range of other options to assess and train the upper and lower extremities as well as the trunk. It allows measuring and practice of force, balance and postural control.

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This cycling with motivational games incorporated provides regular power, endurance and mobility training to facilitate functional recovery and improved motor skills. TIGO enables effective exercise in all phases of rehabilitation and helps therapists and patients achieve their therapy goals.

  • Active training - Progressive training with variable braking resistance lets patients build up muscle power and endurance.
  • Passive training - Passive mobilisation of muscles and joints for improved mobility. Gentle and safe.
  • Assisted training - Activation of residual muscle power through motor assistance. Sensors detect the patient's activity level.
  • Symmetery training - targeted activation of the side of the body most in need of exercise, supported by visual feedback.
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We also advise on a wide range of assistive devices to help you.

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