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treatments for stroke recovery

Individual physiotherapist

Retraining motor control for specific functional activities like walking, reaching for something, writing. Your physio has special knowledge about what biomechanical components are needed to perform these activities, what muscle actions are needed, and how the brain controls the muscles. Take advantage of their expertise to relearn movements as they coach you through the process using skills and knowledge about motor learning, brain anatomy and neurophysiology etc.

Individual exercise physiologist

An Exercise Physiologist is a comprehensively trained and qualified clinician, equipped with the knowledge and skills to design, deliver and evaluate safe and effective exercise interventions. They have a key understanding of how different bodies respond to exercise, which is vital when working with people with complex conditions consisting of challenging neurological symptoms. The chosen exercise interventions used by your Exercise Physiologist will aim at improving your ability to actively engage in meaningful activities in a progressive manner.

Individual therapy assistant

The therapy assistant will take you through your exercise programme, which has been set up by your personal physiotherapist and is tailor made to your needs. She/he will motivate and challenge you to achieve your goals. You may jump on the rehab devices in your session to make it more fun and interesting!

Two person treatment

Often treatments are more effective with both the physiotherapist and the therapy assistant working with you together. For example, in the early stages of learning to stand up and walk after a stroke. They will work as a team to help you achieve these skills.

Group class

The more fun your rehab is, the more you will be motivated to do the hundreds of repetitions of movements needed to retrain the brain and get those muscles strong again. One way to do this is to work alongside others where you can exchange encouragement, jokes and knowledge you have gained. We have a regular hand class (Tuesday 12 pm), and two regular gaming device classes (Wednesday and Friday 10 am) every week.

Home visits

Sometimes it is difficult to get to the clinic so in our afternoons we do home visits. We cover from Woy Woy in the south, to Warners Bay in the north.

Combination package - intensive rehab

Recovery from some conditions, including stroke and head injury, is much faster with intensive rehabilitation. By combining all of the above modes, your weekly therapy can increase to up to 5-10 hours a week according to your needs. Including therapy with the assistant, and group classes is economical, so your funding goes further, while you are getting more opportunity to practice.

Remote physio by video call

During the last couple of years, we have become adept at delivering treatment sessions via video call, so you could potentially be in any location, and still interact with our therapists who closely supervise and instruct your exercises via video call.

Home exercise programs

Home exercise is a key component of our rehab approach and is essential to provide enough practice of movements for the brain to relearn them. We will work out a programme with you that is directed towards achieving your goals, and that is achievable but challenging to keep you improving and moving forwards. This is where your family and carers can get involved if they wish, we will demonstrate and practice the exercises with them too!

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